Prof. Evangelos Afendras (The Johns Hopkins University Graduate in Linguistics)

E. A. Afendras is the international ambassador of Peneleh in Greece. Afendras graduated from The John Hopkins University, majoring in humanities-linguistics (1961-1968). With teaching experience going back to 1966 and spanning many countries (Albukhary International University Malaysia, Kasetsart University Thailand, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, etc), Afendras has developed a deep interest and a personal perspective on learning. As a teacher or trainer, he emphasises the empowerment of learners through negotiation of objectives and content, through the joint choice of projects and problems from a platform of enquiry-based learning. Having entered the Pacific and Asian region in 1970 through multicultural Hawaii, he likes to tease some of his Asian students that though a Greek, he has lived in Asia much longer than they have. He hopes to continue putting his experience to use in areas such as education for refugees, poverty reduction and sustainable development.